be a lady on a bike for good, and not for evil…

29 Oct

Scientific America recently reported that, to boost urban cycling, authorities had to “work out what women want” (age-old question apparently, the answer to which I thought was obvious – “to get that much unloved Tommasini frame from the weird hippy who parks near my house”).  Apparently the “women are considered an ‘indicator species’ for bike-friendly cities” and that if more women are riding, then the whole system is working hunky dory. Read the full article if you’re interested.

And if you’re feeling academically minded, you might want to help out some Australian research on why women cycle – what gets them out on the road, what keeps them off, why women prefer hook turns to turning right in the flow of traffic, and exciting things like, “would you ride more if all bike lanes were made pink?”. Follow up with Radelaide Uni if you’ve got the time and the motion. Ideally, they’re looking for women who’ve made a return to cycling after a break, but I think they’re open to suggestions. Lemme know if you want the info sheet for participating. Doing so, might help put Miranda Devine’s mind at rest.

Course, if you’re prepared to cycle for evil, the we’ll be seeing you at the Death Becomes Her all-girls alley tonight. Don’t fret if you’ve got no team, some zombie-courier will eat your brain and you can be on hers.


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