admission time

7 Nov

Sometimes I dream of Sugar Spokes.

Not in the Martin Luther King, “I have a dream” kind of way, where I’m dreaming about a world where everybody cycles, where there are miles of clear bike lanes and no one ever gets a red light. I mean seriously and somewhat embarrassingly, sometimes I dream of Sugar Spokes.

Take last night for example. I dreamt that a big group of us were standing around out the front of a bar somewhere all talking and laughing. There was a big turnout, and people seemed to have tinsel on their bikes and weird, terrible ornament earrings in their ears, so maybe it was drinks following our Christmas ride.  And dammit we were having a roar of a time. The evening was warm and muggy, with just a hint of a summer storm northerly coming in later; we felt like nothing could burst our bubble. The air filled up with smokey voices and ridiculous, “remember when” stories and the great conversational ephemera of people getting along for no good reason.

All of sudden, though, just as we all kind of pulled out into the road, the cops came up and randomly arrested all of us. Someone for running a red light, someone for not wearing a helmet, someone for riding on the footpath, another for riding obviously drunk (dammit, was it the way they were singing “We Built This City” that gave them away?) and someone else for talking on the mobile phone while swerving all over the tram tracks.

Now, I’m the first to admit that I’ve occasionally bent the road roads, or treated myself as somewhat distinct from the whole body of regulations designed to keep us safe on the big black ribbon. Considering though that the penalty for going through a red light on your bike, for instance, is a $234 on-the-spot fine, it’s worth paying attention. And if cyclists want to be treated like legitimate traffic from other road users, it might be a good idea to behave as such.

I won’t preach, mainly because I’m just trying to process my dream and get back to my so-called regular life. But if you’re bored, or feeling diligent, you might want to check out Bicycle Victoria, because a whole bunch of new road rules came into effect today so while you’re refreshing your road savvy, you might as well check out the official word on being a good bike citizen.



One Response to “admission time”

  1. zzzfridda November 15, 2009 at 8:03 am #

    That was a sweet dream until all those fines. Ouch. Thanks for the heads up.

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