Sunday Night Sermon

22 Nov

Now, I’m not trying to preach but I’m about to…

I was watching an episode of Bondi Rescue where some guy was completely fucked up, in a neck brace and bleeding profusely from the head, yet he still managed to freak out about the fact the lifesavers called him an ambulance, I freaked out myself… Someone who cycles regularly really should have an ambulance membership. And rightly so, if you aren’t a member, a trip a few kilometers to the hospital could cost you at best hundreds, but more likely several thousand. Soon after, the guy went into shock – possibly about the imminent ambulance bill rather than a potential broken neck.

The next day I discussed this with my hard-working colleague who is saving every cent he can to bring his young son to Australia. He more or less stated that anyone who is too stingy to fork out $60 a year for this peace of mind, yet somehow affords to go to the pub or buy take-away regularly is an absolute idiot face. I agreed after hearing about the bill of one of his friends. A few days later, Zoe was doored, and nice witnesses called an ambulance on her behalf so this whole matter really resonated with me. Luckily for her she was covered. It turns out that my parents’ private health insurance covers me too, as I’m a student under 25 – a mega relief, because no matter how cautious and conscientious you are with your riding, or reckless even, anything could go wrong. On Friday I nearly got T-boned by a car that neglected to indicate they were turning left across the bike lane, then I fell off my bike trackstanding at the traffic light (embarrassing, yes) breaking skin, had my front wheel nearly slip out when cornering fast (I don’t recommend Michelin Pro3 Race at all), I really thought I was going to tear off all my skin but I somehow stayed upright AND then I nearly slipped down the frickin’ stairs at work because it decided to rain. To top all that off, I got my front wheel stuck in a metal grate and went over the handlebars (and had to walk ) on my way home from Mirerva’s going away drinks.

Even if you aren’t seriously injured, there is no shame in being overly cautious, it’s definitely a better option than finding out you broke your hand when someone opened their door into you the following day. Conveniently, this topic came up on I seriously encourage you to just spend the money, it could be the best $60 you’ll ever spend, but hopefully it won’t be. Just a heads up though, it goes up to $75 on December 1st.

Check out Ambulance Victoria for more details.

I don’t know how it works in other states, but it’s something to look into.

Also if you’re after a new rear light, I recommend the Fibre Flare. I won one from the Death Becomes Her alleycat, kindly donated by Human Powered and anyone who was there on Thursday’s ride can testify about the uber brightness of this thing, plus it can be seen from all angles. You can put it on your helmet, jersey pocket, across the back of your jeans, bag, on your seat stay, seat post or anywhere.

The Fibre Flare in action… Quite an entertaining video.


On the topic of lights, I silently (sometimes loudly) judge you when you forget them or have pathetic excuses of lights, mainly because I don’t want any of my bike friends to be requiring an ambulance, so start bringing them with you everywhere… Even if you don’t think you’re going to be out when it’s dark. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has gone out for lunch, only to return home in the wee hours of the morning. So yes, it was kind of disappointing that a few of you had none on Thursday night. Having a good set of lights (with charged batteries and actually using them) is a matter of life and death, so don’t skimp on them and you can never have too many. Put them on your Christmas list!

Anyway, safe and happing riding and be excellent to everyone – on and off the bike.

And a mega thanks to everyone involved in organising the Ring of Fire alleycat and roller racing and Pony Bikes for sharing your space with us again. It was a great and massive day.


One Response to “Sunday Night Sermon”

  1. helmets are hot November 23, 2009 at 9:38 pm #

    Safety messaging with sass.

    Message received, loud and clear!

    Thanks for being a mum and sorry you got stuck in a grate… Should’ve taken our offer of a bed, blossom. Hope you didn’t have too far to walk. Walking blows.

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