Get a hairmet!

29 Nov

Lets face it… Most of us are vain and want to look good on the bike. To some that means looking good and totally pro in a full Assos kit accompanied with a $400 helmet, but to most others, it just means having the goal of looking generally hot. Helmet hair is inconsistent with this goal and helmets are required by Australian law. But fear not…

(Yes… I spent my weekend watching Scrubs instead of going outside and enjoying all the awesome BFF stuff on this weekend. Hopefully someone else can post about exciting bike related stuff that happened.)

So, anyway, the next time I’m a bit befuddled and see some nit wit sans lid, I’m yelling out, “GET A HAIRMET”. I’ll stick to my “get a helmet” suggestion whilst sober. Either way, both are much more appropriate than the disgusting “do a skid, you fixie faggot” remark that some drunk hipster boy directed at a SugarSpoke. RUDE.

In conclusion, helmets are hot.

P.S. Just so you know, if you factor the potential fine into your decision-making process regarding not to wear a helmet (as I have in the past when I’ve plumb forgot it), the new laws dictate that you may end up $146 down, increased from $55.

Disclaimer: This is not a helmet debate.

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