Fix Up Look Sharp

14 Apr

So it was probably three weeks ago now and if you were actually interested in it, you would have either been there or read about it elsewhere, but I’ve got the mid-semester mopies and this blog gets no love.

After my optimism in the last post that the most girls ever would race this alleycat, there was a grand total of two out of what I was told was about 80 starters (including two unicyclists) – Teagan and myself… Whilst we didn’t start or finish together, we banded together for the majority before I ran out of beans and let Sandslash/Candypants race off and be the first girl across the line. I think she came about 28th and me 31st (or last girl), I can’t really remember since it was so long ago but I do know I tried my hardest so was happy with that. Thanks for letting me sit on your back wheel, all that time too, Candypants.

There were six checkpoints which took us from the city to Northcote to Cremorne to South Yarra to St. Kilda to Port Melbourne to Docklands and then to Sidney Myer Music Bowl and involved a few hills, running on rocks and ruining my cleats and climbing through holes in wire fences.

Full report.

More photos.

Despite the fruit cake who thought he was some type of vigilante filming us in the park, telling us we’re all going to jail (and Lane subsequently calling him a pedo), and delaying the start, it was a great event. Thanks to Ryan and Chaz for putting together a really fun race, it was hard, but not TOO hard. And congratulations to Andy on winning… I’m sure you’ve all heard he used his $700 cash prize money to go to NZ for this.

Sorry about not giving anyone photo credit… Photos found here on facebook.

See all you ladies at the next one.


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