Our Escape

21 Apr

We successfully escaped from the suburbs.

It was awesome to see so many regular Thursday night riders eager to battle the hills! It was the best turn out yet, I hope that it sets some sort of precedent. It was also amazing that 101 riders entered! And off the top of my head there were 11 or 12 ladies. The other thing that impressed me was the rolling start, I felt like I was on a critical mass way out deep in the suburbs, except surprisingly, no one was honking their horns or getting upset that they couldn’t pass.

“Team Technical Difficulty” won some goodies from Cell Bikes and the Littlest Baker’s vegan cupcakes that I was aiming to get my hands on. Thanks, Ruth, they went down perfectly after 35km with some brutal hills. We started off with Sarah and Jak (who showed us an awesome shortcut to cut out a lot of the first hill), but at the start of the next hill, Kerry had a bit of a mechanical and no one noticed until we were at the top. So I thought I’d ride back down the hill to see if I could be of assistance. On my way down, I got a flat! So we both ended up running up the hill. It’s not like we were ever racing to win, but it was inconvenient and messy. Bless Helmet Lady and her baby wipes. I must invest in some of those! And that there is the story of how we got our name…

Brendan was an arse and told Sarah she wasn’t part of our team, I called her Team Ditcher in front of everyone, but then realised I called her and told her to keep going making us the team ditcher… Oops. It didn’t matter though, because she was totally rewarded for been second on the women’s podium! And well done to Jess for coming in third! She initially wasn’t going to do it. She thought the hills and this type of ride were beyond her. On our last Thursday night ride, I deliberately planned a hillier and harder ride than usual, just to prove to everyone that they were more than capable of this ride. After it, Jess was excited about doing the ride, and it paid off! Also congratulations to Vanessa, first lady in!

Head over to Brendan’s blog for the full race report, I’ll leave it to him to break down the rest.

Thanks to xBBx, Nikcee and Blakey for organising it, Matty B for standing outside Shoppo, Dawn and Casey for working the finish line and anyone else who volunteered their time to make it an awesome event, and all the sponsors. It was a really rad day and I’m totally looking forward to the next one.

Thanks Blakey… I stole your photos.


One Response to “Our Escape”

  1. Mr dylan April 22, 2010 at 8:46 am #

    I followed you guys through that shortcut, thankyou! And I did see someone’s chain jam.
    Also, I was tailing Jess for a while, hard to keep up with!

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