there’s a theory

22 May

That if someone receives bad service in a restaurant or something, they are likely to tell ten to twenty people. Receiving good service, however, people will tell just one or two. (rough figures only, scientific basis of theory is flimsy and unknown) The message in this, I believe, is to tell people who provide said services to be very nice to the whinging bastards who complain that their soup is a mite too cold and that they ordered the salad with arugula not witlof and does this bagel have speck on it for god’s sake?

For my mind, this theory is rather sad and undeserved. Which is why I am going to tell you that I had a very good and helpful session with Dominic at  First Place Osteopathy.

Remember a while ago, somewhere in StalkBook land, we canvassed the relative pros and cons of saddles, how/where to get a saddle measured up, pondering big and important questions like “will my Brooks ever soften up?”, “how secret does my spandex need to be?”, and “is a banana seat the only solution to the Lady Gaga moment?”

Since that time, I have been reaching ever greater stages of discomfort on my beautiful Rolls and have since purchased a Selle Italia Diva Gel Flow (online because I was too much of a pussy – pun intended – to get a measurement in a store) and I hoped that if I was going to kill my vagina it should at least know that I was prepared to throw money at the problem.

Today, however, I have started back on the road to recovery. I had a bike fit and an adjustment and a very funny conversation with a nice fellow who is Serious About the State of Ladies Saddles. Who measured my bike and short legs and my collarbone position and is going to make me run ugly risers but fuggit at least I’ll be riding! And at my age, making choices like having chopped down flat bars in order to look cool is futile. I have to pay my friends to say I look cool, so why not be comfortable at the same time?

Dominic is interested/prepared to talk with us about saddle positioning, bike fit and other things related to getting up up and away in good way. I don’t know how this would work in reality, or if we might consider getting pizzas on High St one night after a ride and co-opting/bribing him to come join us for an informal chat over a pizza and a beer, but either way – a complete stranger with appropriate qualifications is prepared to talk to us about the state of our vaginas and bikes and for some reason, I do not believe that this is a creepy offer but rather something quite generous and nice that we should consider following up.

Message ya on FaceBonk to discuss.


One Response to “there’s a theory”

  1. LC May 22, 2010 at 2:40 pm #

    I got my sit bones measured at two different shops on two different brands of butt-o-meter, Specialized and Bontrager. Both found that I’m borderline between the smaller and medium widths. My saddle (Selle Italia Gel Flow) is actually quite wide and only comes in the one width. I don’t notice, I feel comfy.

    Does this mean you’ll be making an appearance again soon?

    Also, all the cool kids run risers.

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