New Friends

26 Sep

Rides are no longer weekly.

It was roughly this time last year that I went on the very first all girls Thursday night bike ride. I’m not going to lie… I was pretty nervous and I felt like I was going on a blind internet date but I knew this was my opportunity to finally meet some likeminded individuals in a non-intimidating macho environment. It was honestly one of the best things I did for myself. I’ve met some really fantastic people from all walks of life who have come and gone over the last year, and I’m sure that I will continue to meet more excellent people in the future.

A question that I’ve been asked a lot recently is, “are the Thursday night rides still happening?”

Well, I hate to say it, but they pretty much seem dead. It would be all well and good to say that they are, but  realistically, I don’t think there are quite enough females (who currently know about the ride) to sustain the unplanned grass roots rock-up-if-you-feel-like-it and we’ll pick a route ideal that some of us have in mind. I’ve said it before, no one is charge. However, without someone who is willing to take the reins and plan routes and be there every week, not much happens. I would do it myself, but Thursday nights just don’t suit me at the moment, but in about two months or less, they’ll be great. I’d just hate for someone who has never come on one of these rides before (or anyone, or myself even) to turn up to Fed Square on a Thursday at 6.15, wait 15 minutes then realise that no one else is going to show up. That would suck. Anyone who’s keen to plan some routes and lead a ride, you don’t need to ask anyone, just do it!

With the weather improving at a rapid pace, it’s a safe call to say that weekly rides and fun times (think babes + beach + swimming + ice cream + beer + my favourite of deep fried potato) will be back on the agenda really soon. Until then, check back here (and maybe even Twitter if someone tells me how use it) and stay in touch on the forums and Facebook so you’ll know when someone has called a Thursday evening ride (or any other time, really). And I encourage anyone to suggest a ride at any time.

P.S. If anyone objects to me declaring that weekly rides are temporarily not weekly, you had better be prepared to show your face regularly on Thursday nights because no one else is showing up.


3 Responses to “New Friends”

  1. Emma Caddy October 31, 2010 at 10:20 am #

    Hi girls, yes i’m one who never turns up Thursday nights for rides…but i come to everything jess asks me to! I’d come if i know y’all gonna too. Girls there’s nothing to be scared of it’s fun bike riding and we could go at any pace to any place…who are the gals in the pic on the pretty gravel? It’s just so goood to see girls on bikes! Love Em, CaddyCyclery/i make bicycle jerseys in old stlye, hand made with felt lettering, just starting up at present and i fix bikes, nothing like a bit of self promotion i say! Ph 0439 570 922. EM

    • sugarspokes November 10, 2010 at 3:42 pm #

      Mirerva, Talor, Tara, Zoe, Sabrina and Leona.
      That was a Thursday night ride a year ago, we were in Northcote in that photo I think.

      • Sabicat December 6, 2010 at 6:07 am #

        HELL YEAH!!!!
        miss you guys!
        Hope you still ride and enjoy your company! 🙂
        ride safe and always.

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