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Ladies Wattbike Racing at the Route 66 Prahran Garage

6 Sep

I didn’t make it in time to have a go on one of those fancy exercise bikes (or watch racing), but it was described to me by a spectator as “silent pain faces”, because you couldn’t hear the whir of the rollers. I was also informed that I missed out on delicious (vegan) pizza.

Photo stolen (as per usual) from ah_blake, where you’ll find a few more.



22 Aug

Ladies Roller Racing flyerIt’s LADIES ROLLER RACING! Proudly sponsored by Northside Wheelers, Rapha, Wattbike & Route 66. Come along and support women’s cycling.. Spread the word ladies! It’s going to be an awesome night! Sorry guys, it’s girls only racing, but all are welcome to support us! Hope to see you all there.

RSVP to the Facebook event… If you want.

Gettin’ Down And Dirty Part 2…

18 Aug

Westside Alleycat – Sunday 15th August

12 Aug

Spot prizes from PAM and Northside Wheelers will be given out to girls racing on the day!

Dirty Deeds CX

28 Jul

Hey ladies. I’ve received a message from Nik Cee (one of the Dirty Deeds Cyclocross organisers) regarding more female participants at the next race. Malachi at Northside Wheelers has very kindly offered to sponsor the whole women’s podium if enough girls race the CX category. At Sunday’s race, there was one lady in the CX category, and three in the open category. Prizes would include a Rapha ‘ladies classic’ jersey for first prize (which is ridiculously stylish, and I want one) plus other assorted goodies.

Conditions of the CX category are that you have a freewheel (and obviously brakes), 700c wheels, and drop bars. Knobbed tyres are recommended, and there are heaps of people out there including Nik, xBBx and Blakey who would be prepared to lend spare ones just to see more females giving CX a crack. V-brakes or cantilevers would be beneficial, but not necessary and I saw heaps of people rolling around with callipers stopping just fine – you don’t really go all that fast when in mud.

All you need to do to finish the race is ride around for the full 40 minutes. You can go as slow as you like, have as much fun as you like, fall into the mud and roll around as much as you like, and stop to have as many beer/baked goods hand-ups/”mid-race dance moves” as you like.

The final race of the series is on Sunday 29 August, and to the best of my knowledge, it will be held at Brunswick Velodrome again. If you don’t already have one, you’ll need a CA permit. If you’re considering it, I’d recommend you get in touch with Brendan or Nik by leaving a comment on the blog or on the forums, else email sugarspokes[at], we’ll put you in contact.

There surely has to be enough of you out there to fill a podium… That jersey is nice! How could you not want to attempt to win that?

P.S. If that wasn’t enough encouragement to enter, then hopefully we’ll at least see you in the crowd heckling with your cow bell whilst eating tasty snacks.

P.P.S. Make sure you at least check out the Dirty Deeds and Northside Wheeler links to see what you’re missing out on.

Reasonably Fast Spokes – August 5th

21 Jul

It’s still a few weeks away, but here’s your notice…

It’s time for another Reasonably Fast Rides/Sugar Spokes mixer ride to steal you away from your heaters.

When: The usual time… Thursday 5 August, 6.15pm

Where: Meet at Fed Square

For those of you who have been on the last few, you will remember that by “reasonably fast”, we just mean, riding at a normal easy pace, rather than not riding, and sitting down at the pub. The sitting down at the pub drinking beer pace would be considered “reasonably slow”. So for those of you who haven’t attended before, don’t let the name of the ride deter you. I’m going to mention it, even though it’s a given, but delicious food and refreshments will definitely feature. As for where we are riding to, this has not yet been discussed or decided and all suggestions will be considered, so please share. Don’t forget to let all your male riding pals know, all are welcome.

P.S. Weekly rides are still happening albeit in small numbers (generally two or three people), so it would be great to see a few more people. However, if it’s raining, then you can assume no one will turn up. See you this Thursday… Maybe.

P.P.S. Expect a new and fresh look on the blog in the near feature.

London to Paris Screening – Thursday March 4th

24 Feb

Right now, I can’t think of anything better than meeting up for a short, nice, chilled weekly ride followed by watching a bunch of dudes ride their bikes across the country…

Cheap(ish) beer, bike parking, a free movie, good company… Start making whatever excuses you need to ensure you’ll be able to make the ride and the doco.

We’ll be leaving at 6.30PM on the dot on Thursday the 4th (and from now on), so don’t be late!

Tell all your friends. And tell all your man friends to meet us at Collingwood World (I suddenly feel sexist).